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The summer camp "Art Lab", organized by the Poreč Youth Association "Urban Subcultural Base - USB", which was successfully held for the first time in the year 2020, was held from 26.07. to 07.08. 2021. in a second edition. The camp offers young people the freedom to create and explore during the summer holidays with the aim of quality implementation of free time through educational and creative content and activities. The theme of the camp was Tribe - the first organized human community, but also the cradle of art: dance, music, painting…

Through the workshops of contemporary and urban dance, dramatic movement, singing, listening and creating rhythms and making jewelry, the basic idea of ​​tribal life – community, was explored, The workshops were led by USB artists and creators Leonarda Lovreković, Angelica Zacchigna, Lejla Hasanagić and Dragan Radaković. The target group was adolescents who are overwhelmed by modern technology. Through the project the aim is to find new channels for creation, explore the history of rhythm, the history of music, help young people to experience the pleasure of creating something new, meeting the unknown, expressing through non-commercial music and through dance. The final result of the camp was the video project "3BE" - a performance choreographed by Leonarda Lovrekovic together with the camp participants, throughout 2 weeks of workshops, in which the life of the tribe is shown by working together, initiation, dealing with fear, liberation and celebration.

2021 - Dance camp - teacher and choreographer 

Summer Art Lab 2nd Edition


Project coordinator: Ivana Domazet

Project leaders: Leonarda Lovrekovic, Angelica Zacchigna, Lejla Hasanagić and Dragan Radaković

Choreographer: Leonarda Lovrekovic

Sound design: Dragan Radaković

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