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In collaboration with Marija Matković, dancer and choreographer from Zagreb, and her dance studio Hip Hop House - HHH, a week of urban dance connection was made through the activities of Dance Erasmus. The Urban camp was held in the month of August 2021 for the duration of 7 days. Erasmus included the exchange of dancers, hosting dancers from Zagreb, from the dance studio HHH, to the city of Porec and organizing hip hop culture workshops, battles and performances where dancers were able to learn new and old urban dance techniques. This project was organized with the aim of connecting dancers and networking Croatian dance platforms, creating good relationships, learning different dance styles and techniques, as well as exchanging and sharing knowledge.

The presentation of the project, final site-specific performance “Urban Art” was made as part of the Street Art Festival to stimulate the interest of the general population in hip hop culture that is appreciated and nurtured everywhere in the world.

2021 - Dance Erasmus - choreographer and teacher

Urban Camp


Project coordinator: Ivana Domazet

Project leaders and choreographers: Marija Matkovic and Leonarda Lovrekovic

Dancers: USB Porec and Hip Hop House Zagreb

Videographer: Top Video Porec-Vedran Maric
Photography: Andi Bancic

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