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In the dance performance R.I.O.T., Alida Dors, choreographer, and also artistic director of Theater Rotterdam, makes the unrest of the world tangible. Twelve dancers revolt. Side by side they fight against a common enemy. But the face of the enemy is not one face. It changes color, sex and origin. Black versus white, LGBTQ versus straight, poor versus rich and the West versus the rest. The solidarity quickly turns into mutual tensions. Do we really need each other to keep going? In R.I.O.T., dance, spoken word, film and live music come together in a performance about people in the melting pot of rebellion, anger and hope.

Alida Dors (Amsterdam, 1977), artistic director of Theater Rotterdam since 2020, has created several successful dance performances for small and medium sized theaters. Or Die Trying has been nominated for the Swan for the most impressive dance production of the 2019-2021 season, the most important dance prize in the Netherlands. With R.I.O.T. Alida now takes over the great hall and transforms this space to her liking. With her work, Alida creates adventurous interdisciplinary dance with influences from hip-hop and modern dance – socially and politically aware, urgent and relevant. The result of this are contemporary, committed and innovative performances that offer a deepening of urban culture.

2021- Dance production R.I.O.T. - Internship 



Choreography & Concept: Alida Dors

Répétiteur/Assistant Choreographer: Donna Chittick

Dramaturgy: Peggy Olislaegers

Dancers: Liza Panjoel, Fiona Dekkers, Cheroney Pelupessy, Xander Van Den Corput, Giorgio Costa, Jason Winter, Sanam Saidpur, Darion Thompson, Lysanne Van Berlo, Deni Hagenbeek, Ainy Medina,  Leonarda Lovrekovic

Sound Design: Simone Giacomine & Vernon Chatlein

Videography/Scenography: Ruben Van Leer

Costume Design: Erik Bosman, Karin Van Der Leeuw

Production: Theater Rotterdam & Backbone

Photography: Amanda Harput, Bowie Verschuuren

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