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The dance performance "Tu sam" deals with the theme of presence. By going through the grief, the subject experiences the process of finding a new sense of appreciation for the presence of people in his life. This also develops the question of time: why now, are we beginning to appreciate the people in our lives. The subject comes to the realization of absence and how it plays a role in the healing process: how loss brings with it a new value that we attach to the people we are today, and the people who once were, a part of us. The performance was made in collaboration with the USB Poreč Association and POUP.

2022 - Dance performance - choreographer and dancer

Tu sam/I'm Here


Choreography and Idea: Leonarda Lovrekovic

Dancers: Azra Baltić, Emili Ritoša, Gaia Mingon, Iva Mingon, Lana Brčić, Lucija Korlević, Nina Puniš, Sara Đukić and Leonarda Lovreković

Photography: Ana Knezevic

Videographer: Rose Art 

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