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Dino Merlin is the most renowned singer/songwriter of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the greatest and most popular music artists in the Balkans. Dino's latest album Hotel Nacional was featured upon release in the top 10 of the Billboard World Albums Chart while the subsequent Hotel Nacional world tour gathered more than 900.000 visitors across four continents. He is widely known for his distinctive voice, stage performances and poetic lyrics.

2022 - Music video - dancer

Dino Merlin - Krive Karte


Music and lyrics: Dino Merlin

Directed and written by: Edvin Kalić

Director of photography: Igor Lazić

Production: Magaza

Producers: Asim Kraljić, Hamza Dervišhalidović & Naida Dervišhalidović

Costume and styling designer: Marko Feher

MUA: Renata Ponjevic: 

Hairdresser: House of hair B&M - Belma Selimović,

Choreography: Helena Janjušević

Choreography assistant: Kristina Paunovski

Dancers: Filip Likić, Jan Vasiljević, Katarina Barešić, Kristina Paunovski, Leon Di Giorgi, Leonarda Lovreković, Mateo Babić, Patrik Kovačić

Photo: Jasmin Fazlagić

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