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The dance performance Tebi  presents a subject in the process of loss and how it affects its knowledge of reality in relation to life: at what moment do we realise that we are actually walking independently in the circle of life and why exactly after it takes away an integral part of our walk.

On the helpless trail of acceptance, the narrator find himself on the edge of strength - from the initial thought to the self-confrontation with death - which leads us to the solution of the initial dilemma: this path was created so that we could take it independently. 

2023 - Dance performance - choreographer and dancer

To You // Tebi


Choreography and idea: Leonarda Lovrekovic

Dancers: Lana Brcic, Sara Dukic, Enola Tomcic,, Lucija Korlevic, Emili Ritosa, Azra Baltic, Nina Punis, Gaia Mingon, Leonarda Lovrekovic

Photography: Ana Knezeic

Text: Elena Naperotic

Video: RoseArt

Made in collaboration with USB Porec & POUP. 

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