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This research focused on vocal projection and the contrast within two specific movement qualities in the work of the dancer/performer. Leonarda, through her vocal and physical skills, explored the conjugation of the verb to let go, in her native language, Croatian. The word PUSTI means to let go, which develops to PUSTITI and eventually PUŠTAM. She separates the word into 2 parts. Firstly, PU where she explores the physical quality of holding on, contracting and hitting and right after transitions to the sound STI, where she uses releasing, floating and freedom as her main sources. Leonarda continues with the conjugation, to the word PUSTITI where she introduces a person, because TI in Croatian means you. The introduced person represents her own character traits that are not useful for her anymore and she tries to let them go. Finally, PUŠTAM produces a resonating and grounding atmosphere which travels through the dancers’ body and echoes into space. All sounds and emotions behind the words eventually mix and match with the element of silence which is introduced to emphasize the meaning and power of the will to let go. What sees the body and the mind of the spectator as a result becomes part of an embodied experience of movement and sound.

2021 - Solo research project



Concept and choreography: Leonarda Lovrekovic

Videographer: Top Video Porec – Vedran Maric 

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