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Dance Erasmus is a week of exchange in the contemporary dance field within the association USB Porec and Modus. In collaboration with Luna, Nika and Snježana Lilek, who are internationally recognized and multi award-winning artists, dancers, pedagogues and choreographers as well as founders of a dance studio moDuS in Zagreb, Croatia. Erasmus means the exchange of dancers, USB hosting dancers from Zagreb, from the dance club moDuS, and organizing dance workshops where dancers will be able to learn theatrical contemporary dance technique and express themselves through a new approach to performing arts. As erasmus implies, which means that the dancers will also go to Zagreb and be hosted by the moDuS club, that will organize dance workshops and a project similar to this. Connecting dancers within Croatia and beyond creates a dance network, a new platform for action and expression of young people, creating good relations between local communities, learning about different dance styles, learning new dance techniques and exchanging knowledge. The one-week program was divided into two dance studios containing two programs with different levels. One studio was filled with dancers age 8-12 on beginner level, while the other studio had dancers 12 – 18 years advanced level. The Dance Erasmus week finished with an exchange and presentation of work and repertoire.

2021 – Dance Erasmus – choreographer and teacher

The Connection


Teachers and choreographers: Nika Lilek, Luna Lilek, Martina Ivankovic, Leonarda Lovrekovic

Project coordinator and leader: Ivana Domazet

Videographer: Top Video Porec-Vedran Maric

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