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The project Tko sam ja? // Who am I? lasted a few months and included dance training and creative workshops with two psychologists. The focus was on finding the answers to questions: who am I, what defines me, how do I articulate it and translate to my surroundings, how to deal with a personality that does not meet the expectations of others. discovering things I am afraid to bring out and to create an environment where I can truly be myself. The final part of the project took place in the theater where a small movie was presented to the audience as well as a dance performance. 

2020 - Dance performance - dancer

Tko sam ja? 

Who am I?


Choreography and Idea: Leonarda Lovrekovic

Dancers: Azra Baltić, Emili Ritoša, Gaia Mingon, Iva Mingon, Lana Brčić, Lucija Korlević, Nina Puniš, Sara Đukić and Leonarda Lovreković

Photography: Ana Knezevic

Videographer: Rose Art 

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