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The site-specific dance performance "Melting Water" deals with the theme of discovering oneself in the reflection of others and searching for the meaning of life. The visual image of a person carrying a bucket filled with water should recall situations in which people are required to walk miles to get to a source of potable water- the same way people spend a lot of time if not entire lives to find themselves. In the search for an imaginary goal, we often take life lightly or too seriously instead of letting go into the flow of life. The choreography and the idea were brought to life by Leonarda Lovreković together with the dancers from USB Poreč.

2019 - Site-specific dance performance - choreographer and dancer

Melting Water


Choreography: Leonarda Lovrekovic

Dancers: Elena Naperotic, Lana Brcic, Enola Tomcic, Petra Tintor, Nina Cerin, Sabrina Canic, Lejla Hasanagic, Rea Knapic, Nina Punis and Leonarda Lovrekovic

Videographer: Rose Art     

Photography: Bernard Ritosa

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