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Spiritual Urgency campaign trailer for Stedelijk Museum Schiedam directed by Tim Wes and choreographed by Matilde Tommasini. 

2022 - Spiritual Urgency 

campaign trailer - dancer

Spiritual Urgency


Production Company: T&D / @together.dedicated

Director: Tim Wes / @timwes 

Producer: André Marques / @marqdetriomphe

D.O.P. / Edit: René Huwaë / @renehuwae

Movement Director: Matilde Tommasini / @matildetuss

Set Photographer: Segraphy / @segraphy

Styling: Madlyn Saswin / @stylewithmadlyn

Styling Assistant: Sheritza Arnhem / @itza.vibething

Focus Puller: Jan Koks

1st AC: Melvi Lando / @malando_

Runner: Rivellinho van Ree / @rivallcaps

Production Assistant: Majid Alrufaie / @majidalx

Script and Voice-Over: André Marques / @marqdetriomphe

Music: Tim Wes / @timwes



Iris Telting @iristelting

Ciara Hiwat @c.anastasiiaa

Jefta Tanate @jeftanate

Senne Didderen @senne.lia

Zack Phipps @zxvq_20

Leonarda Lovreković @leonarda_lovrekovic

Reilly do Rosario @reillyfreemn

Special thanks to Zoro Feigl. 

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